International Deliveries

360 Worldwide endeavours to offer London and the home counties a fast, friendly and reliable international courier service.

Our clients choose us as their international courier because when they work with us our team becomes an integral part of their business. We look to fulfil a client’s individual requirements and provide a high level service that’s value for money.

We provide a global service with over 200 countries and territories covered. We constantly ship packages to Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Canada, Africa, USA, Australasia, the Far East, India and the Indian sub-continent along with Dubai and the UAE and destinations within the Middle East.

Our global network of partners and associates provide local expertise and in-country resources and facilities that benefit our clients and their clients alike ensuring the best possible service is given.

International parcel delivery is more complicated than sending a package within the UK. There is additional paperwork required, plus your package will go through Customs if going outsidethe European Union and our dedicated team are here to assist you all the way.

Over the years we have helped our clients grow their businesses by delivering their parcels on-time without problems and with the ability to obtain the correct shipping information and Customs paper work.

Our online booking and information system has the ability to produce all the necessary shipping and Customs documentation, labels and manifests along with detailed reports for proof of delivery and shipment tracking. Certain countries have restrictions that apply to particular items for Express or International delivery, but our team of customer advisors are there to answer any questions that you may have.


Like our export service we can collect and deliver or return goods from temporary export back to the UK. We’ll provide all the information required along with a helping hand and advice when dealing with the important Customs paper work that is required to clear goods in a fast and efficient manner.