The Power of International Logistics Based In London

With the international logistics based in London you have the power to enjoy the fastest, reliable and most friendly global and national courier service. With a good logistics company you can be sure you have an extension of your business working with you until your national and international courier needs have been flawlessly met. Clients are different and their individual requirements differ, but the need for a high level, quality and efficient service that offers value for money is high on the list.

Extensive client base

With London Logistics you are after a courier company with extensive experience and knowhow in the industry. With over 36 years of UK and International Logistics service for instance, 360 Worldwide has been offering efficient global standard courier service across a host of clients, varying from financiers in London, high street retailers, insurance coverage companies, marketing advertising, branding, print, media and film agencies who have to deliver packages to far-flung areas of our world. As a result, the London based international courier provides a global service covering over 200 territories and nations across the face of the earth. Shipping of packages across the UK, continental Europe, North America, Far East, Africa, Australasia, India sub-continent and the nation of India is a normal and daily occurrence.

Vast network of associates and partners

A global courier from the heart of the English capital that has been able to reach hundreds of countries and territories across the world only mean one thing; the power of networks. As anyone knows sending packages and parcels around the UK is easy and clear-cut but international courier is tiresome, complicated and overwhelming. But not for the London based international courier. 360 Worldwide has global networks of associates and partners who have been critical in offering the much needed in-country facilities, resources and expertise benefiting all manner of clients for a safe, efficient and rapid delivery. It means as the courier company worries about the additional paperwork and customs issues your business that require parcels to be delivered anywhere around the world doesn’t stop.

Imports should never be an issue

Delivering, collecting and returning goods to the UK in temporary export have never been easy; the London based UK and International courier on the other hand has been doing it for decades. All the information you might need, including help and advice in settling critical customs documentation needed for goods clearance will be done for an efficient and fast imports handling.

Informational and booking systems online

If you’ve tried sending parcels globally before, you might have noticed the diverse restrictions in specific countries applying to certain international and express delivery. Be as it may, the London based courier has a team of dedicated advisors for all customers and will answer all the questions you might have. The global logistics company has robust online information and booking system that easily produces all the required customs and shipping paperwork, manifests and labels, including detailed reports for proof of successful shipping and tracking of parcels.

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